ONSITE Vs. ONLINE Bidding - Which Is Right For You?

August 9, 2017


Are you someone who enjoys attending an auction onsite, interacting with auctioneers and ring-men in person, or are you someone who would rather spend your day on your own accord and bid live from your phone? Here are a few things to consider when determining which option is best for you:



1. Are You Free, Or Do You Have to Miss Work?

            One of the huge benefits to online bidding is being able to keep up with your work – whether you’re in the construction field or have an office and clients to attend to. If you’re looking for a fun day off while still being productive with upkeep on your equipment, a visit to an auction is an exciting and beneficial option. However, if the day is just too important to miss, you can always bid live online from your phone!


2. How Far Is The Drive?

              While the commute is well worth it when it comes to attending an auction, sometimes it can just be a hassle. Why not skip the effort and bid live from your desktop or from your phone if you’re on the go? Or, if you’re someone who enjoys a good road trip, head on down to the site and enjoy the day.


3. How’s The Weather?

               IRAY offers an indoor bidding arena specifically for the comfort of our onsite bidders, so while this is something we are well equipped to accommodate you for, we understand if you can’t make it out in a snow storm. This is why IRAY offers a mobile app, available on both iPhones and Androids, for your bidding convenience! Just follow the links: Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If the attached links don't work, just type in “IRAY Auction LIVE” in the store and download to begin your bidding experience from anywhere in the world!



While there may be a variety of reasons why you can or cannot make it out on auction day, there are also a variety of solutions to ensure your ability to bid! Whether it’s onsite with a bidder book or online with an auction catalog, we aim to provide a comfortable and smooth bidding experience.


Whichever method you prefer – We’ll take your bid on auction day!