How Consigning To Our National Flyer Advertising Benefits You

August 1, 2017

I.R.A.Y. Auction offers FREE national flyer advertising for all of our sellers who consign before one month from the sale. This means for our flyer advertising for September 8th, the consignment deadline for getting equipment listed is August 8th. While the deadline for consignments is always the Saturday before the auction (giving you plenty of time to round up any equipment you may want to upgrade), consigning early has substantial benefits to our consignors that simply shouldn’t be overlooked. These benefits include, but aren’t limited to:



1. Featuring your equipment in front of IRAY’s thousands of bidders - All across the nation!


2. Allowing buyers more time to view and find information on your equipment – Increasing sale price!


3. No rush on hauling equipment into lot – Just send in pictures & information on your piece to be listed!



Want to learn more about how our flyer advertising benefits our sellers? Have something you want to consign to an auction? Call into our office at 320-968-7230 to speak to a representative TODAY! Want more info? Visit and browse to your hearts content!



And remember, when you consign with IRAY, you can expect Impressive Results All Year!


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