When You Bid Online, You Bid From Anywhere - Are You In?

July 26, 2017


We’re here again, smack in the middle of one of the hottest summer vacations EVER (or, at least it feels that way), and the last thing you want to be doing is missing out on quality time spent with your family and friends. But what if you could have all the fun in the world while attending an auction and impressing everyone surrounding you? Get compliments like, “Wow, what a go-getter!” “That’s the way a genius would multi-task!” “Now that’s a guy who needs a million dollar raise!” (Okay, maybe I’m getting out of hand a bit here, but you get the picture). Allow us to guide you through how to enjoy the summer you have left without falling behind on your equipment in just 3 SIMPLE STEPS:




STEP 1. Get a Smart Phone –


Well, this one’s easy. Who doesn’t have a smart phone these days? Just go ahead and grab your trusty pocket pal to head on to the next step.


STEP 2. Download Our Bidding App –

Whether you’re a dedicated iPhone fanatic or a faithful Android devotee (or maybe you just have one of the two but don’t really care which as long as it allows you to scroll through twitter to see pictures of


cute dogs, we don’t judge), you can download the I.R.A.Y. AUCTION LIVE app right from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store!  To do this, simply open the store and type in “I.R.A.Y. Auction Live” and download the app! Wow, is it just me, or are these steps really simple? NEXT:


STEP 3. Sign In To the App and Get Bidding –

To sign in, you have to first sign up to bid through I.R.A.Y.’s website www.iraymn.com. To do this, simply log onto the site and click on the big “ONLINE BIDDING” button at the top of the screen. This will redirect you to the sign up page, where you’ll input all of your information to get approved to bid. (Just a tip, you’ll have to call into us and give us some credit card information before we can approve you to bid on the sale… Don’t worry, we don’t take any of the information and we don’t keep it after the sale! You won’t get charged without authorization, it’s just for security purposes. You understand, right?) After you have your login and password set up, go ahead and type it into the app and voila! You’re in, you’re set, you’re up and running, you’re out of the house, you’re charging down main street, you’re- Okay, I’m getting carried away again. You’ll be able to view all of the auctions happening live and enter them to bid!



See, were those simple or what? Now that you’ve taken those steps, you can go ahead and join the rest of your pals for a day on the lake, or at the fair, or at the big game today, without having to worry about missing that lot you had your eye on. Here at I.R.A.Y., we’re continuing to strive to make auctions more mobile-friendly so that bidders, such as yourself, don’t have to worry about the hassle of heading down to the auction site when they’d much rather be out and enjoying the weather with those close to them.



So go ahead and enjoy your summer: It’s on us.