How to Earn Your Way to a New Start

October 31, 2016


A wise man once said, “Shovel today’s challenges for your tomorrow’s freedom.” (Aniekee Ezekiel)

Freedom for tomorrow? Sign me up!


But what is today’s challenge?

Finding a way to a new start.

  This all begins and ends with resourcefulness.

Resourcefulness has always been the front runner in success and new beginnings. It is at the heart of making a good start for yourself.


What does resourceful mean?

The Webster dictionary defines resourceful for us as this: being able to deal well with new or difficult situations and being able to find solutions to problems (Miriam-Webster, emphasis added).

Now, in what new or difficult situations do you find yourself in? Are you struggling to make some ends meet? Are you always one check behind the late notice? Let’s dig deeper. Do you have pieces of equipment you could sell or update? Let’s put our heads together and be resourceful. Let’s earn our way to a new start. Have the mindset that workable solutions exist for every problem!


What will you do with these items that do not serve you?

Our company wants to help you be resourceful, and we have a few solutions for you. Here at IRAY Auction, we can help you clean your fleet lines or alleviate your workload for that new start. This is what we specialize in. We zero in on finding a good return rate with the items you may no longer have a need for or are in need of updating. Consigning your items to sell outright with our Buy It Now is another option that is available to you any day of the year. Consign with us and see what getting ahead is all about. Not sure you know what kind of return you will get? Take ahold of our Certified Appraiser Service and check those numbers out.


So look around you!

Take some time to look at your equipment pieces and begin to see how you could replace them with something you would use more or that would better for the flow of your business. Our goal is to make you see that you can have that fresh beginning. We want to give you an easier work week.  We want you to not be afraid to walk down to your mailbox and see what lies inside it.


 Earn that new start, one resourceful decision at a time.

Invest in finding resources that you have. Invest in IRAY Auctions. Let us help you cash that resourcefulness in for you!