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I.R.A.Y. Equipment Sales

We can help you sell your equipment outright AT NO COST TO YOU!

I.R.A.Y. Equipment Sales is a year-round sales and marketing division of I.R.A.Y. Companies that specializes in selling heavy equipment. We strive to work out the best deal possible for both our sellers and our buyers. Throughout the year we have various pieces of equipment for sale including excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, and scrapers, as well as semi tractors, trailers, utility trucks, attachments, and much more!

I.R.A.Y. Equipment Sales is great for numerous reasons;

  •   Our professional salesmen and certified appraisers thoroughly understand the value of equipment.
  •   We guarantee funds, thereby relieving you of the worry of receiving a bad check.
  •   We take the danger of implied warranties and liabilities away from sellers.
  •   We assist with 1031 Like-Type Exchanges to help roll over your depreciation and decrease your tax burden.
  •   By dealing with all aspects of the sale, we remove the fear of the unknown for our buyers and sellers.

I.R.A.Y. Equipment Sales is an excellent resource for sellers and buyers with immediate needs. I.R.A.Y. Equipment Sales specializes in global marketing and advertising, ensuring you the price you desire for your equipment. Let us do the leg work so you can get back to your job.