I.R.A.Y. Certified Appraiser Service

For busy professionals it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the assessment and valuation of capital assets. Frequently, value is estimated based on opinions of a variety of individuals who do not have access to all the information necessary to determine the “true” value of equipment. Therefore, value may be under- or over- estimated.

Understanding how important this information is to you, I.R.A.Y. Companies is pleased to offer professional appraiser services. Our Certified Appraiser Services are laddered and can be customized to suit your individual needs.

  •   Formal Appraisal: We inspect the equipment and provide a complete, professionally prepared document including pictures, serial numbers, and descriptions.
  •   Fax/Email Appraisal: You submit details regarding the equipment and we fax or e-mail an appraisal report to you.
  •   Desktop Appraisal: This appraisal is based on our phone conversation and no written appraisal is provided, only a value!

I.R.A.Y. Companies is one of the few companies in the United States with a GPPA Certified Appraiser Team specializing in heavy equipment. Our Certified Appraiser Services are available across the upper Midwest. With years of experience, we offer professional, timely, accurate, and affordable services for effective management of your equipment and machinery.

100% Of Appraisals Proved Valid In Court